Petr Jecha

I am a citizen. And I am a democrat. I am citizen of the Czech Republic. I am also European and inhabitant of the Earth. And I can be all of these thanks to the democratic regime in the Czech Republic.

I was born 18 October 1963 in Jaromer. I graduated from the Technical University in Liberec. Within the postgraduate study I passed state exams of pedagogical qualification. At present I work as a teacher of special subjects at the Technical High School in Hradec Kralove. I teach the subject Electronical computers - my classes are aimed at hardware equipment and programming at the lowest, machine level.
I have never been member of any political party, I have never been in any Church, I have never been member of any religious movement. Yet the study of some world-famous religions has held my interest in recent years.
My other hobby is chess - I have been playing it since my childhood. From time to time I play the oldest board game in the world - GO. I also like hiking (if I find enough free time for it). I stopped smoking more than ten years ago.
My wife Jana Jechova, born Doubkova, graduated from the Medical High School in Hradec Kralove. She works in the health service. She likes reading very much, sometimes she watches a good film or a soap opera on TV.
We have got two sons. The elder son Lukas was born in 1990. The younger son Marek was born in 1996.

A small outfit:
I think, despite the stormy development in recent years, that citizens of the Czech Republic still suffer from "computer deficiency" caused by the embargo before 1989. Because I work in this area, I would like to use a small metaphor: our fishing line is thrown well. Now it depends only on us how we will be able to use the good foundations for further development of the information systems.

By comparing the basic theses of various religions we can see that each of them deals with the question of sex, but their approach to the solution to this question is different.
For example, "you will not fornicate" from the Ten Commandments is the cornerstone of the Catholic Religion. One of the five ethic rules of Buddhism relieves the tension: "I want to refrain from the worldly imtemperance". If we understand both attitudes correctly, we find out that Buddhism is not only more leisurely, but it also teaches not to cling to possession of things. Thus the religions influenced and influence the history of culture up to the present time.
Some other philosophies and techniques for using the acquired knowledge in practice are added as a bonus.

Hinduism. It belongs to the oldest religions in the world. It appeared 900 - 1000 years before Christ. It is very diversified, widely spread mainly in India. One of the basic conceptions is reincarnation. The Hindu god has "three forms": Brahma = Creator, Vishnu = Preserver, and Shiva = Destroyer. These forms are sometimes interpreted as reincarnation of the only God. To show the variety of religious movements in hinduism, we can say that some Hindus consider themselves atheists, others profess hinduism in the form of "personal god". As far as sex is concerned, hinduism can be called religion of sexual energy. Phallus belongs to the main symbols of the religion. Sexual activities of the man thus become the leading mobile power. Phallus can be seen above the entrance or inside the sanctuary. The symbol of lingam, another name for penis, is used also in architecture. In Europe, hinduism is spread especially among some gipsy inhabitants whose origin is in India.

Catholicism. It is a religion founded by Jesus Christ. In the course of time, one principal movement developed into a number of trends with the common base, e.g. the Christianity - baptism is one of its main rituals, the Seventh-Day Adventists - they expect the birth of Christ on Advent, or the evangelicals - they practise religious rituals connected with the last Lord´s supper. Unlike hinduism, it is a religion unifying "the opinion of things" that worships the only God. The main theses are described in the Bible which has two parts: the Old Testament, describing the world before the advent of Christ, and the New Testament, describing the life of Christ. The basic pillar of catholicism is division of the society into two groups - those who "teach" and those who "hear". In the Old Testament we can read that meetings of ordinary people with God were understood as quite normal events. However, Jesus Christ gave people the prayer: "Our Lord thou are in Heaven...", and so he actually "evicted" God from Heaven. This can be considered as Christ´s "great discovery and patent". At first sight, the religion does not seem to have a sexual symbol. But it has. With regard to the parables described in the Bible about immaculate conception of Virgin Mary, virgin is the sexual symbol. The religion forbade priests to get married in order to support this idea "for the future". Up to these days, celibacy creates imbalance in the society, and thus a little tension together with other symbology. The simile in the sense of position of Virgin Mary between Jesus Christ and his father, God in Heaven, often forms in people an illusion that "there is something between Heaven and Earth". But we have to realize that, according to the Bible, God created "heaven" and "earth", and he did not put anything between these two objects. So heaven must begin right above earth. Right above the Earth. However, this attitude is not catholic any more. Or is it?

Taoism. It is a religion which originated from wizardry in China. It is based on the knowledge of two opposing powers "jin" and "jang" which dominate the entire existence. The three entities - heaven, earth and mankind - rise from their eternal fight. In the first century after Christ, taoism became a full-fledged religion. We can call this religion without question a religion of balance, a religion of looking for balance in nature and its finding and discovery. The word "tao" can be translated as "way". The way to find a balance. Symbol is, for example, a monada:
It expresses a balance between antitheses. By expressing the balance, it also solves the question of sex. I will leave to the readers the influence of this religion on Europe in connection with the previous two paragraphs.

Buddhism. It is a religion of an adult woman. As mentioned above, it enables more released sexual relations although permanent relationships do not have to be exceptional. We can simply say that "everything is possible". It can also happen that father and son have the same sexual partner (unless she is his mother). It is obvious that the symbology of virgin does not play an important role.
Buddhism originated around the year 540 before Christ between India and Nepal. It was founded by Buddha. It is a religion of enjoyment, not belief. One of the basic methods is meditation.
Buddhism claims that it does not suffer from the hallucination which other religions mark with the word "god". On the contrary, it tries to describe and explain the real world as precisely as possible, the way things exist. In the middle of real world is the mind which is symbolized by a diamond with bright white light. "Maya" = creative power, sometimes called "veil of ignorance", is responsible for the existence of phenomena that have not yet been cleared up intellectually, e.g. the origin and division of DNA.
One of the objectives of Buddhism is to reach nirvana. Nirvana is a state without causes and consequences. State of things, state of the world, state of relations. The set of outer effects is called karma. No man should uselessly deteriorate karma with a word, an idea or a deed. Because nature itself, unlike man, never deteriorates karma uselessly. It is certain that Buddhism, as the only religion in the world, has never unleashed a war. All evil springs from misunderstanding! The spiritual leader of Buddhism is llama - a teacher.

Judaism. It is a religion based on the fact that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Since Jesus is considered the first pope, we can assume that as a clergyman he lived in celibacy. He must have died, resurrected and got into Heaven as a virgin.
Besides the circumcision seven days after delivery which is compulsory in boys (exactly like in Jesus Christ), one of the main rituals is the day when a young boy publicly reads the Torah - a roll of cloth with a text that is identical with the Old Testament from the Bible. At the age of 13, a Jewish boy thus becomes a full member of the Jewish community from the religious point of view. The moment of the first sexual experience is important for "fulfilment of the destiny". That is why to get married is a duty of each Jew!

The Orthodox Church. It is a religion based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, i.e. catholicism.
However, it is a bit milder in its theses. For example, it enables the lower priests to get married and have children. The symbol of Jesus´ singularity is partly suppressed by two facts: Christ may be considered as only one of the leading Messiahs, and the majority of clergy should have the same opinion of clerical matters. This process moves the question of reality from its opening, discussion and searching for optimum up to the result, which is often a real, tangible thing. With regard to this process and the necessity to get a concrete result in a wider consensus, we can call the Orthodox Church a religion of Mother. Woman - mother, or female names often occur during church services; from the viewpoint of importance, they are at the same level as Virgin Mary. The religion is spread mostly in Russia - to realize the fact that geographically it is a region of diffusion of catholic and Buddhist trends can help in a more detailed study. For Moravia the first harbingers were Cyril and Method, priests of the Orthodox Church.

Islam. It originated between the years 680 and 730 after Christ. The basic book is Koran, consisting of 114 Mohammed´s prophecies. The god is called Allah. This religion recognizes Jesus Christ (as well as Mohammed) only as one of many prophets. Allah is very unique with his position. That is why some critics compare Islam to worshipping of the "cult of god". In Mohammed´s prophecies there are sentences warning against disobedience to Allah for which the afflicted will "fry in hellfire".
In comparison with other religions, Islam solves the question of sex in a very peculiar way: a man may legally have up to four wives. He must secure all of them financially. Before the wedding, the girl must be unconditionally a virgin. In the case of premarital sex she may be condemned to death. Mostly she does not decide who is going to marry her. These facts create a relatively big friction in the society. They generate logical questions: What if there will be no girl left for a young boy? What if the young girl will not like her future husband? As one of the ways how to spread and protect the cleanness of the religion, Islam has a holy war - jihad.

Jehova´s Witnesses. It originated in Pennsylvania, USA, in 1870. One of the founders was Charles Taze Russell. Since 1 July 1879 he issued the journal "Watchtower". It was originally distributed for a low price; since 1990 it is free so as not to have to keep accounts and pay taxes. Jehova´s Witnesses are called the Religious Society - it originated as an association of "Explorers of the Bible". We could include the Society in catholic religions, but it has a number of differences. One of them is the denomination of god - the name of the god is Yahveh and the superiority of Yahveh is dominant. This is indicated by the name of the religion. The importance of Jesus Christ as God´s son is partly suppressed by the fact that Easter is not celebrated as the holiday of his advent, but the holiday of solstice.
We can also ask why it was necessary to examine and revise the Scriptures. Who knows? One of the original ideas may have been to create for the multinational inhabitants of America a new religion based on old, audited, but refined traditions of Catholicism, Islam and Buddhism - the Buddhist element can be, for example, refusal of wars, refusal of military service and refusal to carry weapons. Solution to the sex question is meticulously catholic. The effort to create a positive, clear approach to analysis of religious questions and its application may be even depressive not only for the supporters, but also for their environment.

Ayahuasca. It is a psychoactive drink used for thousands of years by medicine men - ayahuasqueros - in the Amazon rainforest to clean up the body and soul. It is prepared from decoction of the liana banisteriopsis caapi and leaves of the shrub psychotria viridis. After preparation, both ingredients are boiled for hours. The first plant is similar to serotonin - a hormone produced by the human brain. Serotonin is also called "a hormone of good spirits", its shortage may cause depression. Gastric juices dissolve the liana decoction, and thus nearly degrade its effect. The other plant is used for suppression of the decomposition.
After using the drink occur hallucinations during which experienced ayahuasqueros are able to communicate with gods, ghosts of the dead as well as the living persons, plants, to levitate virtually, have pleasant and unpleasant hallucination experiences, make diagnoses of diseases and treat them.
It is remarkable how the medicine men managed to choose the two plants (out of 80,000 in the Amazon region) that cooperate in the above mentioned way when molecular biology examined this feature only "recently".
Drinking of ayahuasca as generally recognized religious practice of Indians does not deal with the question of sex - with the exception of one-day sexual abstinence close before the ritual. For this reason there is no chance that ayahuasca would become "something world-known" even if it spread outside the Amazon region. It is the same with the contemporary "new" religious sects and groupments.

Communism. It asks the basic philosophical question: Which is primary? Substance or consciousness? And in order to differentiate itself from the idealistic philosophies, it replied: "substance".
What is substance? If we took an atom and magnified it into the size of a stadium, then its core would be as big as a pea somewhere in the middle and the electrons as small dots would circulate around on the athletic track. Everything in between is subatomic vacuum. If we took the core as a pea in the centre and magnified it into the size of a city with one million inhabitants, we would see protons and neutrons inside the core. Protons would have the size of an orange and neutrons of a grapefruit. And there would be one in each neighbourhood of the city. Everything in between is subatomic vacuum. If we now take the most efficient microscope and look inside "the orange", we will see even smaller particles called quarks. There are three in a proton. Everything in between is subatomic vacuum. The scientists are convinced that quarks consist of strings - chains. The magnifying rate is roughly the same. Everything in between is subatomic vacuum. If we now took the entire subatomic vacuum from the Earth and its environs, substance in the size of a die (or a little bigger) would remain.
But this sight into the heart of substance is utterly Buddhist! It explains "how things are going". The propagandists of communism stagnated at the definition of "substance".
Communism probably tried to solve the question of sex in a Buddhist way, or solution to this question was forgotten. How to understand the doctrine that in communism "everything will belong to everybody"? The explanation markedly evokes the description of possible ordering of relationships in Buddhism. Stumbling block is the property ownership which is a traditional necessity in the area of commerce and scientific-technical revolution. But from the viewpoint of property ownership, catholicism has a stronger influence! Sexual symbol must be something between a virgin and an adult woman. A nebulous look at woman may provoke other associations. In addition, life in a communist society shall be "under working class leadership" - this view is, for a change, Hindu.

Fascism. From the word "fasces" - brushwood bundles for lining of bulwark. In its conception it is a total ideology, often characterized as deliberately irrational. For this reason, it denies all described ways of solution to the question of sex. What has left? Looking at Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, it is boyfriend + girlfriend. Without marriage and in the above mentioned example with children. This may remind of Hinduism a little - the common symbol can be swastika although the direction of its cranking is different.
The seemingly free relationship between man and woman has one great difficulty: as fall comes after rise, recession after prosperity, so separation may come after days of harmonic common life. At first sight an easy thing, but in fact very painful, with an explosive atmosphere when the situation is not clear and nobody believes anybody. The motto "We must help and forgive each other!" is often the only key to rescue from fascism.

Capitalism. The opinion that "God is money" is often prevailing. Capital. Money that will determine the rate of values. However, we do not say in vain the best things are free! That is why a quite new and original look on the world sometimes appears:
"MATRIX is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out of your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes!"
"MATRIX" can have an advantage in comparison with God, or Jesus Christ, or whatever it is called: according to the definition from the authors of the MATRIX trilogy in the previous paragraph, we can see at first sight that it has no back. It is logically not possible to do anything behind its back!
Another possibility "how to get in touch with God" is using the laws of dynamic performance applied in global economics.
How do the capitalist societies deal with the question of sex? In a very excellent way! The democratic society clearly declares by means of its laws which religion is "approved by the state", or which other religious groupments - opinion trends - are tolerated by the state and which are not. In compliance with it a whole set of laws defining life together has been created. Also, it is advantageous that every citizen has the right to choose his or her religion, his or her approach!

Clairvoyants. With the exception of taoism, the other above mentioned religions always work only with one half of the sexual pair. We can register a certain compensation of this deficiency for example in Buddhism by introducing nirvana. In this respect, there is a great discrepancy in Islam where the establishment of balance, according to the ideas of the religion, is sometimes achieved by loss of lives.
For the reason of balance establishment and progress inside a unilaterally oriented society, we can now and then meet persons with an unusual look on the world such as enlighteners, prophets, reformers, medieval astronomers and clairvoyants.
Clairvoyants can be divided into two categories: "clearly seeing" and "clearly hearing". I would like to mention how we learnt to understand the world in our childhood. First we saw the objects, gradually we learnt to call them. Then we learnt to read and write the words - 80% of all information are acquired visually. However, the clearly hearing clairvoyants cannot be marked as worse. The input of information is important, its elaboration is something else.
Another view - very subjective - explaining how the relation of an individual to other people is changing during a day, an hour or between moments, may be the division into "materialists" and "personalities". This is the case not only among people in everyday life, but also at the meeting of two clairvoyants. A materialist needs an object or objects for his/her activities, while a personality is well-informed. Then it can happen that a clairvoyant personality perceives a clearly hearing materialist as a hyperactivist with impaired concentration, while a personality engaged in Buddhist nirvana may be considered the biggest loafer tending to phlegmatism.
The clairvoyant techniques include perception of extrapersonal associations, by means of media, reading from information field, or meditation. According to the medium´s abilities, it is possible in hypnosis to foresee the future, read in the past, or perceive extrapersonally the present. When one of the media was asked where he/she gathered the reproduced information,
he/she replied: "From protons, everything is deposited in protons - they enclose and run through us."
And how can a clairvoyant influence sexual behaviour, the approach to the question of sex?
One of the methods is to put into the client´s mind an element - symbol from "other" religion than is usually dominant. The result is for example removing of a severe mental block.

Healers. These are basically clairvoyants dealing with a number of problems in the area of physical and mental health. A good example of their activities is treatment of insomnia:
A physician - M.D. - prescribes a patient sleeping pills which will most probably help him/her. A healer uses a different method. He/she determines the geopathogenic zones, or gives advice how to arrange furniture in the bedroom, or recommends proper diet. The results are often surprising.
It can be seen that a healer tends to remove the causations of diseases. He/she will never repeat e.g. the word "aspirin", "aspirin", "aspirin". A sentence is a metaphor - it is necessary to understand it indirectly in connection with mental health.

If the reader believes that he/she can enrich or correct the above mentioned opinions, I will appreciate any discussion concerning this topic.